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Need to Turn a Profit on Your Next Non-Profit Event?

On a tight budget for your upcoming fundraiser? We know it can be daunting to spend even a dollar when the revenue from your event needs to go back to the important work your non-profit does for the community. With more than two decades of non-profit event organization experience under our belts, we know the pain! We have also seen countless expensive mistakes result from stretching staff thin and into areas where they don’t have expertise. Not having the appropriate permits, or signing on to contracts with speakers, hotels, or venues without an event professional can lead your year’s biggest fundraiser into a break-even scenario (or worse)…not to mention adding stress, sweat and tears to your hard-working staff’s full plates! The Black Badger Events team has experience planning everything from intimate fundraising dinners to the Boston Marathon. Whether we are helping you scout a venue, review hotel contracts, or plan the logistics from start to finish, your goals become our goals when we work together. Want to learn more? We are happy to customize our support and make it the right fit for you and your team.

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