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Happy New Year!

While 2021 was (another) challenging year, we learned so much and are heartened by the efforts of so many to make gatherings happen after a year of lost connections. We have seen still a lot of online meetings and conferences, but we also worked diligently with conference and party hosts to make gatherings of all sizes safe and successful. We feel incredibly lucky to be part of this effort, and are looking forward to using what we’ve learned to make 2022 even better.

Some ideas we can share:

  • Vaccines: Make vaccinations (and now boosters) mandatory for conference or event attendees. We have many tools to help you collect these cards as part of the registration process.

  • Testing: Ask attendees who are coming and vaccinated to take COVID-19 tests before they travel. We are happy to supply extras to have on hand for the entirety of your event should someone be exposed or want to test during the event or conference.

  • Shifting: We have changed meeting structures to allow for smaller groups to gather, and incorporated walks and coffees to provide those connections outside the large group meetings.

  • Outdoor meals: We have been scouting hotel, meeting, and retreat locations that have outdoor spaces for dining and receptions.

  • Rolling Meals: In a similar fashion, we have provided 2-3 smaller lunch or breakfast breaks to avoid the entire conference having to be in one ballroom for a meal. As an added bonus, this can allow for more intimate networking opportunities.

  • Wristbands: We have provided wristbands that allow people to non-verbally indicate their comfort level with close contact.

As we enter this New Year, we extend a huge THANK YOU to our clients, and to our friends and partners in the events, catering, and hospitality industry for all the steps they have implemented to make spaces safe. We wish the best for your events, and the entire industry as we continue to work, shift, plan, and dream for an awesome 2022. Happy New Year from Black Badger!

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