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Magical Meeting Planning

We were thrilled when we were contacted in 2019 to support a three-day corporate conference and Board Retreat…at Walt Disney World! Truly a dream come true! Working with our clients and members from across the country presented a unique challenge – none of us had met and there was no time for a Black Badger site visit, so we relied on regular conference calls and meetings with the team to make it perfect. Luckily, we had tons of enthusiasm from everyone involved, and spectacular service from the Disney team. Not only did we create a great atmosphere for meetings, keynotes, and breakouts, but we got to add in receptions with Disney characters and a night to remember at Epcot! Conference attendees were personally transported to the theme park for a reception, dinner, and backstage access to the park for a spectacular firework show. The personal touches and cool conference-themed swag made this an event that was both productive and memorable for all involved. The energy of the attendees stayed high throughout the conference, and we’re forever grateful for the opportunity to showcase our talents to this superstar crew. Black Badger loves nothing more than taking the logistics, vendor management, and on-site customer service off your plate so you can use the precious time to network and get your message out to your members. Need help with venue selection, scouting or full-scale conference planning? It would be our pleasure to listen to your needs and customize a support package for you and your organization – contact us today!

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