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From Denver to the Empire State Building – A Non-Profit Event Organizer No Matter Where You Meet

A cocktail party under the spire of the Empire State Building? How could we say no?! A trusted client of Black Badger Events for many years, asked us to to take an empty floor of the Empire State Building and build it out for an all-day conference, luncheon, and cocktail hour. We knew from our extensive background and years of planning that we had the skills and the perfect working partnership to make it happen. When we say “empty” we mean everything had to be brought in – from power outlets and wi-fi to every little pen, flip chart and ice cube! The challenge is what made the outcome so rewarding – a full day of Fortune 50 company representatives coming together to tackle global energy challenges. We are so lucky to have such amazing clients and partners, and we’d love to work with you too. We’re forever grateful for this opportunity and will never forget the soiree under the green light of the Empire State Building. Do you have a dream location with A/V, wi-fi, or other challenges? We can take on those daunting tasks while you focus on the content and your guests!

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